Thank You

Thank yous… Influences and loved ones…

The Lascivious website is now closed, but I wanted to take the time to thank all of you, Lascivious crew! 

I know that I have probably missed some people below – as I reminisce over the last 15 years, memories continue to surface, but if I have not mentioned you, it is not intentional and please know that I have valued every influence, every bit of support and help I have been fortunate enough to have been given. Thank you!

Firstly our customers and fans, anyone that has ever bought anything that enabled us to stay open as long as we did – especially the anonymous person who recently sent back a bikini they had never worn in case we could put it in our closing sale, without a name or request for a refund, it was incredibly sweet and thoughtful, thank you!

My brother Ozzie, who has been involved with Lascivious since its inception. An incredibly talented creative, Oz has helped with branding, illustration, photography and web design among many other things. The influence of my brother has always been huge, from music to art and film. Also my family, my parents and my nan, who have loaned me money to keep me going whenever I’ve needed it and always allowed me to follow my dreams (and consistently fill their house with boxes and archives and things they would probably prefer were not there). Thank you fam!

Image credit: Lascivious ‘Marigold Sunshine’ by Ozzie Hamblen, featuring Rebekah Dobbins

I have a huge amount of respect for the designers that were already established when I was starting out. I can’t stress enough the difficult path they had to tread to be respected as designers in an erotic sphere. Lingerie at that time wasn’t considered the fashion statement it became. Props to those designers and stores that were the original trail blazers.. Agent Provocateur, Myla, La Perla, Marlies Dekkers, Coco De Mer, Fifi Chachnil, Janet Reger, Carine Gilson, Chantal Thomass and more.
My first assistant, Laura. One of the best designers I know, who has gone on to work for McQueen and Christopher Kane. I am so proud of what she has achieved and have a lot of gratitude for her influence on my work. She helped me to create the Milla and Lila styles, as well as her name sake ‘Laura.’ She also introduced me to a hugely talented photographer that would create some of our strongest shoots. My particular favourite was in 2009, shot with Vika Skyte, whom we have shot several times since. Vika is one of my consistent muses and one of the women I have shot the most over the years, a girl that skateboards and goes to art school, she has always supported us… what’s not to love?

Image credit: Vika Skyte pictured in our Lascivious SS09 campaign

Some of the early Lascivious crew, especially Lisa, Jade and Rachel. Rachel, the best sales woman I know, who had a massive impact on our growth – effortlessly warm and engaging, confident and fun. I will never forget the excitement when Courtney Love and Nigella Lawson tweeted us back. Jade and Lisa; such a good team that I had to offer them both a job after their internships at Lascivious. Together we created some of my favourite styles; the updated version of Belle (gradient) and our entire SS13 season of colour. I will always remember making ink blot pictures at the park, our spotify playlists and us all getting a little tipsy on a few cans of cider… Jade now runs her own fabulous lingerie brand, Reckless Wolf. Check it out.

Sophie.. An essential member of Lascivious crew. Sophie is the most organised, lovely, calm lady in a crisis you could ever meet, I feel so lucky to have worked with her for so long. She is literally THE BEST and there were honestly points that I couldn’t have continued without her by my side. Thanks Soph!

Jessica, who is now a successful freelancer and helped us with lots of patterns and the job of taking over from Jade and Lisa after they departed. Yasmin and Sian, both great brand ambassadors and fantastic at the social bits that I am so inept at.

Thanks to every intern that has ever worked with us. I’m sorry if I miss anyone here but notable highlights would have to be.. Rosie (I will forever treasure my hand painted ‘cunt’ plate), Ellie (I consistently wear my Lascivious necklace), Tara, Lucy, Eleanor, Hanaa, Carissa (I love my cushion so much and everyone comments on it – I hope the new brand is going great guns!), Rebecca, Lois, Shana, Teri, Rosie, Louisa, Flora, Anastasia, Meriel, Kathryn, Daisy, Sarah, Annabelle, Silvia, Paula, Claudia, Rochelle, Evelyne, Eve, Selina, Samantha, Amber, Jessie, Shanique, Amy, Rosa, Steph, Alice, Ffion, Anna, Lewis (an amazing designer, who had a role in helping me design our SS14 collections), Camille, Tanicia, Alexandra, Charlotte, Ruth, Arabella, Sophie, Lizzie, Malena, Emily, Tilly, Becky, Anneliese, Beth, Sian, Sophie, Steph, Natalie, Sarah, Chantal, Rachel, Bronte. We have had so many interns that have stood out and gone on to build their own successful brands, I couldn’t be prouder of them. For anyones names I missed, apologies and thank you so much for giving up your time.

Our UK factory, AJM Sewing; James, John, Yvonne, Tracey, Liz and all of the team that enabled me to take the production out of my bedroom and onto the factory floor. AJM have sewn our knickers for over 10 years and we have so many wonderful memories with them, from parties in London to factory visits and through all the tough times they kept going and continued to find new ways to survive. Much respect.

Another key person to our development was Kelly Isaac, who we worked with as a part of the Lingerie Collective. A one woman dynamo that had her own lingerie production unit, trade fair and pop-up shop and championed the independent London designers. Helping us all to have a platform for sales, as well as connect and support one another. Kelly’s never ending enthusiasm, hard work and ambition really helped us to become stronger. She now teaches Yoga all over the world and runs Yogangster with Goldie. Her influence cannot be underestimated.

Image credit, L-R: Sophie and I collecting our Coolbrands book in 2016, Tracey from AJM sewing sewing our Milla bra, Kelly and I at the Lingerie Awards, Lascivious crew, Ozzie, Lisa, Jade and Rachel, after winning the ‘independent lingerie designer of the year’ award in 2011

The Scottish contingent..

David Finlayson, without whom we may never have ended up in Selfridges and continues to help and support us to this day, also running independent trade show, Dessous London and APM Agency. The best of the best, David has introduced me to lots of other contacts and always given me great advice. Thank you also to his lovely colleague Tamar. 

Mhairi and Chloe from Bebaroque, super talented ladies that really introduced the idea of embellished leg wear to the FROW. I loved the pieces we did together, including crystallised and printed stockings. An incredibly talented duo.

Kiera, who made us some beautiful leather belts and accessories.

ALL of the independent designers that have shown us love and support, kept us sane at trade shows and sample sales and have sometimes even collaborated with us. You are all amazing and these words aren’t enough… 

Nicole Herman for insisting on coming all the way from New York to intern for us way back when and to then have created such an incredibly beautiful brand with Fraulein Kink, which we have been thrilled to collaborate with. I’m so proud of you, the brand is on point!

Thank you to Bok, who has been so incredibly kind and generous. Thank you to Helen Masters for all of your hard work.

William Wilde, for being such a great communicator, being open to my ideas and being so quick to design and get things done. I have loved all of our collaborations, highlights include latex skirts, latex Kitty and our futuristic latex body for our SS17 season.

Image credits, L-R: 1. Fraulein Kink collab chain belt and cuffs, shot with Lascivious catsuit on Vika Skyte, 2. Bebaroque collaboration embellished stockings 3. ‘Nicole’ collection shot on Tuuli, wearing Keira leather belt. Landscape Image: William Wilde latex collaboration of our iconic Kitty, shot on Nata, holding ‘the Boudoir Bible’ by Betony Vernon (a must read), shot by Tom Fraud

Josefine, determined, hard working and multi talented. I’ve known her since our very first playing card party, and she has been like a sister to me. I will always have time for this creative dynamo.. looking forward to learning how to snowboard in Sweden 🙂

Sian Hoffman, the best corsetiere in the business and general goddess of kink. There is so much to be gained from proper craftsmanship and skill, she has it in spades. The corset we created together was so beautiful and I will never get over that stranger asking me if I had trained my waist in your waspie!

Laura from Ell and Cee. We did the sweetest bridal/valentines crystallised ‘love’ knickers together, super cute in their Lascivious heart boxes. I also appreciate that Laura has been established longer then me, so she understands the struggles. Big respect.

Kriss Soonik – one of my most favourite people, beautiful, talented and always available for a sneaky sample sale sandwich break. Kriss has now opened a showroom in her native Estonia. I will always remember our inclusion in a trade fair in Florence – thanks also to Linea Intima for sponsoring us and to Carlo and Daniela for translating for us and welcoming us to Florence so kindly. 

Carol Wiseman, creator of the most beautiful sophisticated jewellery pieces, hand-crafted in her London workshop. It was so wonderful to create erotic jewellery to sit alongside our lingerie, at such a high quality with this lovely lady.

Image credit, L-R: 1. William Wilde latex Lascivious collaboration, shot on Lee by Hannah Hillier, 2. Josefine Wing, Chloe Hamblen, Kriss Soonik, 3. Ell and Cee collaboration ‘love’ knickers shot by Rankin on Tuuli, 4. Sian Hoffman corset collaboration, shot on Vika, wearing Fraulein Kink tassel headpiece.

Image credit, shot by Szymon Brodziak showcasing Carol Wiseman collaboration, on the lovely Agata, Krystyna and Magdalena.

One of the keys to our success has definitely been stylists that have wanted to work with us, this list is too short, but thanks to William Baker, master stylist, for working with us to create pieces for Kylie and Britney Spears. Karl Plewka, who has always believed in Lascivious and connected us with some of our great fashion moments. Katie Grand, Alice Skidmore, Kenny Ho, Madeleine Bowden, Gok Wan, Emily Hoyle, Jemima Penny, Hope Von Joel, Karen Langley, Alice Wilby and her work with ethical fashion, all the way from her days as a Coco De Mer girl through stylist, journalist and eco fashion queen. Scott Robert Clark – thanks to Scott for also styling us a fashion/lingerie story during LFW. Lupe Castro, such an amazing eye and passion for fashion!

Celebrities in our pieces are of course always a blessing and we are grateful for those that have been clients as well as those that have graced magazines and FROWs wearing our pieces – client list is confidential, but we appreciate that you bought stuff and didn’t expect freebies. 🙂

Image credits, L-R: Lascivious AW14 Anais collection with Una Burke collaboration leather belt shot by Tom Fraud, Daisy Lowe wearing collaboration latex skirt with William Wilde and leather bra collaboration with Tamzin Lillywhite, SS14 collection shot by Wendy Bevan showcasing collaboration slip with Marika Vera. Main image: collaboration harness with Julien Macdonald for LFW.

Other brands and stockists, to name a few – Victoria Pimm – Fred and Ginger, Riti, Dani, Creepyyeha, Geri, Nicole, Victoria, Nubian Skin, Louise, Paolita, Matthias, Rolik, Michelle, Annabel, Tamzin, Alexandra, Jelle, Julien, Betony Vernon, Niki and Scott, Murielle – La Fille D’O (girl crush), Damaris, Marika Vera, Catherine Deadly, Nichole De Carle, thank you for your support and ideas, Pom, Bitching and Junk Food, Poppy and Lauren, Leanna, Naomi, Emma, Playful Promises, Delphine, Sophie, Luisa, Anna, Michelle, Helena. Beautifully Undressed, Bordelle, Edge O’Beyond, Hesper Fox, Loveday London, Glam Am, Nui Ami, Something Wicked, Tallulah, Adele Bridges, Una, Daniela and Carlo. Kenya from Apartment C, one of the most beautiful bloody shops in London, was sad to see it close. Xavier, I have so much respect for you, you’re an amazing designer. Ayten and Leanna – thank you for all of your recent Brighton support.

Daniela, your passion and persistence will pay off, you are an amazing designer and stylist! 

We have been so fortunate to acquire some incredible press attention over the years and now to have such good, interactive relationships with our fans on social media – influencers, bloggers, vloggers. There are so many highlights, but some that stand out would have to be Rihanna in our Milla bra at the Jean Paul Gaultier Show, Britney in a bespoke Candy body, being featured in Vogue (no less then 5 times and more recently on their snapchat account), Stephanie Seymour on the cover of Numero Magazine, Lara Stone in i-D magazine, Claudia Schiffer in VS Magazine. The cover of Wallpaper magazine shot by Nick Knight, David Bailey shooting our Lila bra for i-D, Let them Eat Cake magazine cover of our Kitty Raspberry, Ellen Von Unwerth featuring our pieces in her work for her ‘Do Not Disturb’ Exhibition and her book ‘The Story of Olga’. Dazed and Confused and Hunger Magazine and the good fortune we have had to work with Rankin for so many years. Notably on our SS11 campaign at his North London studio with his amazing wife Tuuli, who has always supported Lascivious and shot with us on more then one occasion. Tuuli is the epitome of beauty, kind and warm and thoughtful and completely at ease with her body, such a great muse to have and so supportive, thank you. It was such an honour to work with you both. Also to the gorgeous Rebecca Dobbins and Ellis Cooper, always championing Lascivious style. 

Some more visible highlights would be gracing the cover of Hedonist magazine, Christina Aguilera in our Lila set, Eva Longoria in our Ana body, Jessie J performing at V festival in our bespoke Tyra black and white top. Our Candy bodysuit being featured in a Beyonce video and our Belle set being centre stage in Kanye Wests flashing lights video. Karli Kloss for W Magazine and Heidi Klum in Hunger. St Vincent, one of our favourite muses, at the paper Town premier with then girlfriend Cara Delevingne and on the FROW at Chanel in our black Peepshow bra.

Image credits, L-R: Vogue Germany, Lara Stone in i-D, Claudia Schiffer in Vs, Rihanna wearing Lascivious Milla bra, with Jean Paul Gaultier and Katy Perry (photo by JustJared).

One of the keys to our success has definitely been stylists that have wanted to work with us, this list is too short, but thanks to William Baker, master stylist, for working with us to create pieces for Kylie and Britney Spears. Karl Plewka, who has always believed in Lascivious and connected us with some of our great fashion moments. Katie Grand, Alice Skidmore, Kenny Ho, Madeleine Bowden, Gok Wan, Emily Hoyle, Jemima Penny, Hope Von Joel, Karen Langley, Alice Wilby and her work with ethical fashion, all the way from her days as a Coco De Mer girl through stylist, journalist and eco fashion queen. Scott Robert Clark – thanks to Scott for also styling us a fashion/lingerie story during LFW. Lupe Castro, such an amazing eye and passion for fashion!

Celebrities in our pieces are of course always a blessing and we are grateful for those that have been clients as well as those that have graced magazines and FROWs wearing our pieces – client list is confidential, but we appreciate that you bought stuff and didn’t expect freebies. 🙂

Image credits, St Vincent with Cara Delevingne at the premier of Paper Towns wearing Lascivious Milla bra, Jessie J at V Festival wearing Lascivious Tyra top, Britney Spears on her Circus tour wearing bespoke Lascivious Candy bodysuit. Photo below that: Emily Browning in Sleeping Beauty, all actresses wearing Lascivious.

We have been lucky enough to have been featured in several films as well as magazines and on social, some of our favourites include Sleeping Beauty, X Men First Class and our tassel suspender appearing in the Alan Partridge movie (aha!). We’ve also been featured in several books from the Anatomy of The Bra through to Rockstar Chic, Second Skin and Coolbrands.

Receiving the initial call to say Lascivious had been nominated as a Coolbrand was a defining moment for me. It was something I had always aspired to and am very pleased that we were awarded this status twice, it was a dream come true. Thank you to Liz, Ben, Jumoke, Steve and all the team and the judges for welcoming us into the Coolbrands family.

Image credits, Extract from Coolbrands book 2012, Shot from ‘The Story of Olga’ Book by Ellen Von Unwerth, being interviewed by Fashion TV during LFW. Photo below: Arena magazine article about Lascivious.

Our most recent PR Anisa that went above and beyond to photograph a Milla bra selfie and show us some love, and has since been seen battling the other apprentices for Alan Sugar on BBC1. Thanks also to the wonderful Sean and Terence for all their hard work.

In our early days, when I was starting out, I sent out lots of gift wrapped press boxes and I’m so thankful that one of those was to Helen Germaine at Arena Magazine. Helen always featured us in shoots for Arena, including features on the Lascivious brand and celebrities such as Evangeline Lily, Jamie Pressly and Jessica Alba. Helen was responsible for the first campaign that we did that really pushed us towards a more professional fashion outlook. Thank you to Ben Morris for shooting it and to James Groves for art direction and the look book. The shoot was for our 2007 season, but 10 years later is still one of the strongest and most relevant. Thanks also to GF Smith paper for providing the absolute best paper stock, always. I am completely in love with the swatch books.

Image credits, L-R: Anisa Topan with a model wearing a Lascivious bodysuit, at the store launch of Petit Bisous in Knightsbridge, Shot from our SS07 campaign, Sophia wearing Lascivious Midori, shot by Ben Morris, styled by Helen Germaine, Art Directed by James Groves. Random Magazine feature on Lascivious, January 2011. Photo below: Alice wearing Lascivious, shot by Kevin Peschke for Vast.

Many people have helped us create shoots and look books. Another notable design agency is Vast – for helping us out when we were new (and ever since). I will always remember staying in that lovely country house and spending the day shooting in that beautiful beach hut in Camber Sands (and the slightly less beautiful alley in Hastings). It was one of our first look books and I will always appreciate the high level finishings and amount of work that everyone did. Jordan, Matt, Rina, Andrea, Phil and the whole team, thank you! 

Thanks also to Grahams for helping us develop our original packaging solutions and Philip from Ostle and Mailard too.

Special and important mention for Martin O’Toole for supporting our marketing efforts even though we had no ends! Thank you mate – straight talking, beagle loving, martial arts banter always appreciated. Also for the joy of the Christmas party and office share with Odelay Films. Thanks to Barbara, Prue, Ben, Matteo and everyone at Poland Street, and of course chief ‘barketing’ officer Macy O’Toole. Its been so fun working with you.

Linea Intima and Underlines for choosing us to go to Florence and showcase our wares at the trade fair too. David for including us in The Lingerie Edit and Kelly for the Lingerie Collective, especially for your work on getting us into the LFW exhibition.

Link to a short film shot by Ali Peck called ‘Underworld‘ to showcase all the lingerie brands at London Fashion Week.

Thank you to Toula for hooking us up with various awards shows, also to the Elephant Family for asking us to create two masks for the ‘animal ball’ to raise money for endangered species. We made dragons in honour of the Komodo Dragon.

Image credit Lascivious SS17 look book, by Fist of Fury. Photo below: Lascivious Simone collection on the catwalk in Paris for Mode City 2009, Lascivious at the Linea Intima show in Italy. Image below: Lascivious playing card deck, card shown by Ozzie Hamblen for Lascivious. Selection of cards from the ‘Love’ deck.

A massive thank you to all the artists, friends and lovers that contributed to our playing card decks, especially those who contributed to both decks and for those that we continued to work with throughout the years… Jon Burgerman, Joel Lardner, Team Kitten, Newtasty, Satoshi Matsuzawa, David Foldvari, Fiona Hamilton, Fiona Wylie, Emily Alston, Kev Grey, DED Ass, Alan Heighton, Elke Kramer, Nadia Hunt, Nicola Morrison, Erin Petson, TADO, Kid Acne, Thomas Barwick, Tracey Small, Ben Tan, Neal Murren, Ooshka, Jeremyville, ilovedust, Kerry Roper, Richard May, Shinji Nemoto, Ozzie Hamblen, Christina Koutsospyrou, KRSN, GPOP, Jimmy Turrell, Cecilia Carlstedt, Bleach, Masha Karpushina, Fiona Wylie, Naja Conrad-Hansen, Hildur Yeoman, Clint Scott, Arlette Ess, Luca Laurenti, Loretta Martinelli, Vince Fraser, Neil Phipps, Danny Allison, Jo Lewins, Suzanne Machray, Licaco, Hellovon,  Minh Hoang, Izumi Nogawa, Micca, Sugar Power, Chris Bourke, Pomme Chan, Nico, Eve Poland, James Hamilton Butler, Aki Miyajima, DolceQ, Kavel Rafferty, Jirayu Koo, Oly Raest, Suzy Q, Kari Modern, B-9, James Cruller, Izzie Klingels, Benjamin Phillips, Mira Nameth, Nellie, Mia Overgaard, Jennifer Rodgers, Vicky Scott, Pixel DNA Ltd, Ros Shiers, Chris Ede, Pandarosa and Paul Holland. Thanks to Sarah Govia for the most beautiful doll illustrations for our 2005 collection.

Especially Richard May and the Wyld Stallyons – we worked with Richard on video project, ‘The Doll’ which was a dark take on the idea of a sex robot and can be found via our Vimeo channel. 

It was our first film and we had an amazing time celebrating and showcasing the film at a cinema in central London. Thanks to Richard, Jason, Chris and Natalie. Also to the models that walked and hair stylist, turned serious entrepreneur Tomo Kemberry – thank you for continuing to support us. The amount of work that the team did to create that film on a virtually non-existent budget was incredible.

Jon Burgerman – I still have some of the colour it in yourself wallpaper designed by Jon, which I adore and have made many friends colour in over the years 🙂 

Kev Grey – who we also collaborated with on some printed ‘tattoo’ stockings and packaging for some rope ties. 

DED Ass – they went on to create Paper Voyeur, the most gorgeous erotic wallpaper, that we sold at Lascivious for a while and adorns the wall behind my bed (I had the last roll of the white and silver colour-way, wahahahaha),

Christina K – we also collaborated with Christina on some illustrated silk tie-sides, she drew us a ‘paint by numbers’ print and an ‘i love you’ print. The most beautiful, romantic illustrations – I still have the framed copy of this illustration hanging up on my wall and I love it.

Erin Petson – for inviting us to her launches and generously gifting me a signed print.

Masha Karpushina – one of the kindest, coolest ladies I have ever had the good fortune to meet. Masha collaborated with us to create a combination of our photographs with her illustration work, as well as illustrating our rope bondage ties. Masha also introduced me to her lovely brother Peter who we had a lot of fun with shooting our swimwear campaign in LA. Thanks to Peter and all of the team for working the longest shoot day, so I could get more content (and because it was super fun.. even the bit with the crack heads at the donut shop).

Kid Acne – for also being one of my favourite hip-hop artists and generously getting involved in our playing card decks and sending me my favourite album of his, Council Pop.

Image credit, L-R: Masha Karpushina illustration for our rope ties, Christina K illustration for Lascivious silk tie-sides, The Doll launch party models.

Image credit, Ellen Monohan in Lascivious swim in LA. View our behind the scenes film in LA on our Vimeo account.

The ‘Hanky Spanky girls’ Alice, Sarah Lou and Susanne for spanking our guests at our first ever Lascivious playing card party. It was a joy to create the ‘Sarah Lou’ knickers for the lady herself as a wedding gift. Polly, Sam and Cathy too, Coco De Mer was a hugely important store to me and I was so proud to have put my first ever collection into it. Comedy magician Pete Firman for coming to the playing card party, despite having never met me, to wow us with his card tricks. Also to DJ Definitial for the great sounds, all hair, make up artists and models. Kat, Jo, Sam, Oz, Toni and all the crew for help with set up, and all the guests.

Norma, for your mad accounting skills and overwhelmingly wonderful belief in Lascivious and I. All members of The Quite Delightful Project for creating such a timely and beautiful magazine. I look forward to the future from the very talented Alice.

Mark, LeiLei and team for keeping my books and organising my payroll and also offering sound advice and support.

Fran, Alicia, Kelly and all of the team at Sheridans for consistently being in our corner when dealing with a cornucopia of horrible humans trying to rip us off. Especially Fran of always going well above and beyond and being a great friend. Neil from Haysmacintyre for your advice and that fabulous lunch at the Ivy.

All of our suppliers, notably Steve, Simas, Aneta, Beverley, Lester and the team from Mode Logistics for supporting our fulfilment needs. Patrick, Franck, Regis, Wissner, Simon, Val and John for helping us with our contour fabrics and being there from the beginning. Phil and the team from Team Global for supporting our delivery needs. Shane for being a lovable weirdo. Ronnie, Mark and team from Moll. Franck from Santoul, Regis and Virginie from Art Martin, Lindsey and Beverly from Berisfords, KLS fabrics. Emma, Delphine, Lizzie and team for helping us navigate swimwear. Browns Chocolates for filling our heart boxes with truffles. Yes lubes for providing the best organic lubricants.

Image credits, Lascivious window at Dolci Follie, Lascivious display in Selfridges, next to a mannequin showcasing another British brand ‘Made By Niki’, Lascivious display in Harrods, Lascivious featured in window by Luisa Via Roma in Florence.

Scarlet Ladies – thanks for having me on your panel, I hope your mission to empower women and demystify sex continues to go from strength to strength. 

Gaurdialost – thank you so much for the parting gift of the cutest Kitty ears and your eternall support! 

Miss England – thank you so much for always welcoming me at Coco and doing that Christmas shoot, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to re-launch the Vi style for you.

Midori – I know we never got to do our London workshop, but I really value the lessons learnt at your previous salons.

Alison Connolly – such beautiful images, always, thanks for your advice!

Image credits, L-R: Rochagne Roux in our Swim collection, shot by John Gough at Nice Images, the stunning Tessa Kuragi in Lascivious Lila big knickers, shot by Gilles Berquet. A selection of Insta tags, clockwise – tiffany.yn wearing Milla, sporting a tattoo of wearing our Lila knickers, The Wicked Jade repping Lascivious at our recent sample sale, a window featuring Lascivious and Fraulien Kink at Trashy Diva Intimates. Main image, Lascivious lingerie shot by Nick Knight for Wallpaper magazine.

Image credit, Milla bra shot for Bambi magazine – one of my all time favourite shots. Lingerie was loaned to the magazine by Baby Likes to Pony.

ALL the hair, make-up artists, stylists, models, model bookers and BTS crew we have ever worked with, to name a few… Tomo Kembery, Faye Marie, Sammy Mason, Isabella Windak, Jemima Penny, Kenny Ho, Karl Plewka, Liv Mccarron, Astrid and Brogan, Lucy Doonan, Slawka Sadowska, Trine Lee Hassing, Thomas Kemberry, Krzysztof Nawrot, Emily Yong, Dot, Moira Borg, Alex Forsey, Steffi Galea, Eduardo Olavarri, Marcy Paterson, Adam Roberts, Karl Gregory, Claire Salter, Rose Magnall, Mike Politis, Ken Nagano, Agata Kruczec, John Esposito, Karina Kissel, Lizzie, Nikolas Richardson, Valentina Turbine, Brian Doherty, Natasha Devedlaka, Jan Schjetne, Phoebe Arnold, Alex Forsey, Gareth Van Cuylenburg, Florie White, Simone Konu, Andrew Davies, Dominic Storer, Neil Dawson, Damien Fry, Rachell Smith, Max Montgomery, Jack McGuire, Mike Tinney, Gabriel Lloret, Sascha Breuer, Michelle Campbell, Mike Reynolds, Sophie Sampson, Luther Jones, Barbara Braeunlich, Zoe Marsden, Janet James, Ian Trisk-Grove, Meghan Haggerty, Jesse Richards, Hecq, Adam Roberts, Jacek Jablonski, Elzbieta Maksimiuk, Karl Gregory, Gareth Van Cuylenburg, Simone Konu, Rachel Jones, Storm models, Select, Milk, MOT, Lenis, Union, Profile, Flair, Zone, First, W Models, Premier, Toula, Scarlett Burton. Models.. Agata, Vero, John, James, Elizabeth, Krystyna, Magdalena, Chloe, Leanna, Scarlett, Alice, Katarzyna, Alex, Beccy, Rebekah, Joni, Zara, Kerri, Fifi, Anouska, Susan, Vika, Sophia, Eleni, Teresa, Anne, Maria, Marloes, Emma, Natalia, Annalisa, Kate, Stacey, Kyla and Lee. Special shout to the lovely Ellen Monohan for always rocking her Lascivious bikini and tagging us in her insta shots 🙂

Image credits, L-R: Let Them Eat cover featuring Lascivious Kitty, Lascivious Luxury Basics collection, shot by Susie Forman in 2007. One of my favourite shots, Alice wrapped up in ropes for our 10 year anniversary shoot, with David Yeo, wearing Atsuko Kudo nipple pasties, models relaxing BTS at our 10 year anniversary shoot.

Ben Riggott, a photographer that helped me so much in my early years, we have shot together several times. The ‘sexy’ playlist for shoots still makes me laugh.

Wendy Bevan, a creative force that combined polaroids with digital to create our SS14 campaign.

John from Nice. John has shot with us

many times to produce product shots and in-house campaigns. Thank you for your patience and allowing us to shoot you with our playing cards for social. Thanks also to the rest of the team from Nice and Capture Factory for the cut-outs.

James Lightbown – a lingerie photography pro, created a film and one of my favourite shoots for our AW12 campaign. 

Link to James Lightbown film ‘Lola’

Pierre Dal Corso, thank you for coming over from Paris to shoot with us in the woods, sorry you ended up staying in a noisy pub for the night! I am also still completely in love with the Milla bra shot for Mise En Cage.

Image credits, L-R: Ben Riggott shot of Lascivious Showgirls ‘Ginger’ body, AW12 shoot with Eleni by James Lightbown wearing Lascivious, Pierre Dal Corso Lascivious shoot, on Kyla, Szymon Brodziak shot of Lila on Ana. Image below: Nice Images, shot by John Gough of Vika in our SS13 collection.

Finally, thank you to all the friends that have participated in shoots, written erotic stories, illustrated, helped me move/count/organise stock, been my legal aid or even produced nipple tassels! Thank you to Kat (aka Katina Tassel – thank you for hand making such beautiful nipple tassels when we were starting out, Mia will always be my favourite). Sam, for being a softie on the inside and helping out with that party and work ever since. Toni for the logistical organisation, Jo, for being the filthiest naughtiest little minx ‘madame Jojo’, Sharon – for helping me know there is always more to come, Ben, Derry, Declan, Lindsey, Rodney, Vicky. Will Smith, thanks for helping me try to learn a bit of tailoring and always being in my corner. Christopher – thank you for understanding and support and letting us use the Naked Grocer for our shoot and getting semi naked in our first ever photoshoot! Dilly, Beccy (thanks for the stockings shots, such a peachy bum!), Kathryn. Malina – so proud of what you achieved with your businesses and property ownership, a far cry from smoking on the school field and getting into trouble with me 😉 My kickboxing family for showing me how to kick and punch stuff when I needed to let off steam. Amy, Vicki, Sarah, Clint, Ross, Laura, Will, Michael, Debs, Sandra, T. Johnie and Sarah – always the best chats, thank you for believing in me. Sparks, Turtle, Andy, Anna, Erik, Andrea, Paul, Naomi, Melissa, Helen, Rachel, John, Fran, Jai, Kirsty, Joyce, Derek, Bill, Sharon, Tom and everyone at the post office. All the pooches from Marcie to Milo, the goldfish and Bob, through to the family once again, among so many others. Thank you all!!

Image credits, L-R: 1,2 Szymon Brodziak AW13 Lascivious shoot, with Magda, John Esposito and Agata, 3. Nata BTS at the Naked Grocer, shot by Tom Fraud, 4. our first shoot with Chris Bavin and Dilly shot by Ozzie Hamblen, Dilly wears Katina Tassels.